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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How to enquiry the price ?

Due to the company's policy, the price will not be shown to the Internet ,  

if you want to know the price, please visit the company or call:  Consulting Line (02-325-9500)


Q   Can I exchange or refund after shopping?

After purchased, the exchange or refund will according the different customer and conditions ,

if the product is unopened, it can be returned, but if damaged, fake, or other unreasonable reason it cannot be replaced or refunded.

Q   Korea Bokanyeong products have local delivery service ?

In order to provide guests with the greatest convenience, if in the Seoul area,

and in the business hours (9 am ~ 5 pm) We able delivery to any hotel , guest house or any location in Seoul. 

Due to 9:00 to 12:00 business is busy, after 12:00 if you need delivery service please call (02-325-9500)

Q   Would you like to provide online shopping service?

At present, there is no online shopping , and overseas delivery services.

If you want to buy our products, please visit us directly or by express delivery. (Seoul Local Delivery)

Q   Do I need to bring my ID card or passport when visiting?

According to the visiting customers are foreign or foreigners will be different,

if you want to enjoy the TAX FREE groups and foreign customers must carry a passport.

If you are a guest (Korean guest), please bring your identity ID (ex: resident registration card or driver's license)

Q   Korean people able to visit and buy?
Q   Can I use a foreign currency other than the main currency (won)?

Sure, the Foreign currency and credit card is accept
Q   How do I make an appointment?
If you would like to visit us with shopping group or individual customers, please call (02-325-9500) to make an appointment.
Q   Can I visit without any appointment?

To save you valuable time and to provide a more comfortable and smooth shopping environment,

so the company  use the reservation system, I hope you can make appointment before visit.

Q   What product Korea Bokanyeong (CK Globalnet) selling?

Korea Bokanyeong (CK Globalnet ) specialized in selling Bokanyeong product.


Representative: Choi, Ae Young | TEL : 02-325-9500 | FAX : 02-3144-3881 | email : ckglobalnet@ckglobalnet.com
Address: 379 Jeungsan-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Sinsa-dong / Sinsa-dong 338-1 | Business hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Business Registration Number: 648-19-00158
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